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Hi Barbara,

I just wanted to thank you for those wonderful sessions we had. They were all very meaningful and powerful to me, however, my final session that we did today was to me the most impactful. As you know, I have been doing this work for a long time, and have many breakthroughs throughout out the years. This is the first time, however, that I have ever experienced such an amazing realization of the roles my foster parents played, and their purpose to my life. In this whole scheme of things , I was always able to understand my parent role, especially my mother (the transporter). As for my foster family, i always saw mainly, the evil in them / and of them. This is the first time I have ever had this perspective of their purpose in my life (a phenomenal breakthrough for me). This has allowed me to finally truly understand and forgive the physical form of who they were. and now actually feel compassion for them. I am so grateful for all their lessons that molded me into this beautiful, powerful Being that I am today. As for my outcome, If it weren't for them, I would not be the Light that I am for this world. Everything works out just as its suppose to be. Now, I can finally put that story to rest.
Thank you, powerful, beautiful healer! May you continue on this path to help as many others have you have truly helped me. I love and I appreciate you for all that you are and all that you do. God bless!         


Lifeboards /Remembrance

What an enlightening experience this was for me!. My father passed away five years ago and I felt that a legacy board could be a healing modality for me. What a breakthrough I had during this workshop. It was such an organic experience. The words and pictures seemed to leap out at me. They depicted a man who gave his daughter the gift of love and who then taught her how to love. This is what I needed to remember versus the last years of his life where he became grumpy, detached and so full of pain. Thank you Barbara for facilitating the healing I was in need of. I will tell my clients and friends about this powerful healing modality     


Lifeboards / A New Me

This was a group workshop for single moms rebuilding their lives with a hand's up program at City House in Delray . . . .

As the family advocate and therapist at Cityhouse Delray Beach I was looking for a program for the residents that would assist them in growing holistically while still looking forward to their future with hope. Barbara offered to bring her You Matter program to Cityhouse Delray Beach to assist our residents to be able to have hope and look forward to their future with a sense of hope. Barbara came to Cityhouse Delray Beach with a professional presentation of her program and was able to clearly and professionally talk about her mission and company. Barbara took a keen interest in our mission at Cityhouse and our client's needs.
Barbara arrived to Cityhouse Delray Beach on the evening of the program well organized and prepared. Barbara had more then enough of all the materials needed and even took time to handmake butterflies for all of the Cityhouse residents. Barbara was able to relate well with our residents and engage them individually  and as a group to participate in the program. Even the most hesitant and resistant residents were engaged in the program. Our residents took pride in the boards that they created to the point of asking for tacks to hang their boards on their walls in their apartments. Barbara even engaged the children by bringing vision balloons for the children to decorate. Our residents brought their boards into the Cityhouse bible study the following week to share them with the facilitators of the bible study group. They all have their boards displayed in their apartments. Barbara was a joy to work with and to have at Cityhouse Delray Beach.


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