A Journey to Wholeness begins March 2, 2020 for 4 wks

4 One Hour Zoom Live Calls:  Mondays at noon -on line or via phone - interactive

Private Facebook Page: Daily postings of inspiration for support  & interaction

Office Hours: Fridays at noon for follow up & reconnection

Discovery Call: 15 mins, see if this is for you


             Take Away Materials too!

 $100   Investment

All Materials   Included

Course limited to 5.     

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This short program was created specifically for those women who want to lessen the impact on themselves and their children at a critical time. A  Journey to Wholeness sets the intention to move forward more quickly through this trying time of your life using tools of awareness, self-care, mindfulness and reflection. If you are a woman with children with the intention to move forward and the willingness to do some program work, this course is for you

As a facilitator for Intuitive Intelligence Trauma Recovery we are able to access some of the patterns and root causes of where your traumas originated and to release blocks holding you back in life.  Through various resources and breath work, your subconscious leads us to the moments emotional traumas began.  Through heartfelt exercises we can gently release these memories and blocks.  Let me help you embark on this journey. 


Personal Sessions

Private Sessions to guide you in your own trauma recovery 


Invitation to Wholeness Energy Session  - 1 Hour Sessions    $75

Open up the additional axiotonial chakras with this relaxing and powerful modality 

Lifeboards - group sessions

  • Vision Boards

  • Remembrance/Legacy Boards

  • Healing Boards

  • The "New Me"Boards

  • Let's Blend our Family Boards

  • Custom Ideas

Are you going through a life changing event:  Loss of a loved one?  Perhaps you have a Loss of the Self you once knew and are creating a "New Normal" through divorce, illness, empty nest or loss of a partner.   Are you blending 2 families together into 1?


Creating a Life Changing Board while tapping into the creative process brings forth unlimited ideas, clarity and healing in a positive and insightful manner.  Let me create a sacred space for you and others to do this work.  Barbara

Lifeboard Workshops

"I Matter" Boards

Join me in creating your own "I Matter"  Board.  Create a small collage celebrating you What is the essence of who you are?  .  What are your core values? What do you love about you? Allow the flow of pictures/words to surface & showcase all that you are.  Every time you look at your "I Matter" board you are reminded  how much you matter to the world and to you.  Learn how to make your own "I Matter" board  My gift to you.     Barbara

Multiple Workshops Available - partnerships with other Practioners

If you would like to be notified of upcoming workshops please contact me.  I can also design a workshop including a specialized Life Board experience to fit what is going on in your life to celebrate, visualize or heal.  With numerous colleagues in the Alternative Healing field to partner with, we can provide the support, healing and education that you are looking for and can even create it together.       Barbara

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What you should know

We are all in a constant state of change.   Each time we bring up a memory from the past, it is changed by the perception we have today.   We have accumulated many layers over a lifetime from events and experiences that are unique to us.  Together we can peel away those layers that are no longer serving us.  It takes time, perseverance and consistency to change and heal what is buried within. 


I will commit to you if you commit to doing the work to recover from your traumas.  I will guide you through processes to help you in your recovery.  Remember this work is an inside job.   There are no guarantees to how long this will take as each person 's path is different.  Remember, it has taken time to make you the person you are today and it will take time to change and heal.


Thank you for choosing me to walk this path with you.

Wellness Matters, You Matter LLC    904-655-5754

Barbara Drtina, Trauma Recovery & Holistic Wellness 


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