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Do you Have a "Word for the Year?"

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Since my word is Propel, I have to determine what will propel me forward this year. I chose to create a blog. It will be an honor to me if you take a few moments to read my 1st published blog.. Thank you so much for your support ~ Barbara

Do you have a " Word of the Year"? If not, I highly recommend it.

I was recently introduced to this practice by Christine Kane and have incorporated it into my yearly vision. This year my word is PROPEL. That word came to me in such a powerful way that I could not ignore it. Christine has a process for discovering your word. You will know it when it is the right one!

I have been using this word faithfully to guide me in my business/life journey in 2019. It has allowed me to see where am I spending my time. Is this a risk I should take? Am I holding myself back? Am I playing small? Will this action/activity propel me forward, keep me in place or set me back? It is a great practice to have a word, I highly recommend it.

This year, one of my goals was to create a blog about Wellness, so here I go! I hope that it Propels me forward and I invite you to read this, my first blog post. My hope is that you will find some value here and that it will PROPEL you forward as well.

For the last few years, I have been part of a new paradigm in Health known as Nutrigenomics, that is how Nutrition affects our genes. Did you know that we can now activate our bodies instead of supplementing them? We like to say we are Biohackers because every day, our health is being hijacked in ways we can't prevent. We can now hack some of the negative effects we are exposed to. We have to be proactive and preventative in this day and age. It has been very exciting to educate people on this subject bring this new paradigm in health to market. I have had the pleasure of seeing so many lives changed in a multitude of ways.

But there is another health factor that I want to address that is often ignored, our Emotional Health. There is a saying among holistic practitioners that, Disease = Dis - Ease and we know this to be True.

As a survivor of a major trauma myself, I have seen and felt the effects of this on my body, as have many others. Our bodies are complex organisms with cells that communicate with each other in ways we don't always understand through neuro-pathways. When we think of health, we often only think of our physical health, but our emotions play a very big role in our health.

To illustrate this point, I remember a story my friend and colleague, Dr. Allen, an Acupuncture Physician shared with me. One of her patients kept coming back to her with the same issue to be treated. After a couple of visits, Dr. Allen couldn't understand why her patient's symptoms returned and why the treatment not solving the problem. Being the thorough practitioner that she is, Dr. Allen continued to delve deeper into questioning her patient about things going on in her life.

You see this particular area of her body related to trauma & grief. There had to be something stored in her organs that needed to be released. After some time, the patient disclosed that a few years before, her son had been murdered. She really didn't like to think or talk about it or even share it with anyone, it was too painful. When they focused on her grief, her patient's physical ailments went away with her next treatment. You see, things get stuck in our body and our bodies try and protect us.

Many of us detox our bodies on a regular basis, as we should. But how about emotional detoxing? How many of us think that we are in fact being strong by stuffing our wounds and the feelings surrounding them? How many families have a culture of not being open or talking about issues or feelings?

I know in my family it is off limits. In fact, once my dad and I had a deep, open, meaningful phone conversation. After we hung up, I felt that this was the most vulnerable and honest conversation that we ever had. I was elated, until a letter arrived in the mail a few days later. In it, he advised me to be careful, that it was dangerous to communicate in our family. I was crushed and so it went back to "there is an elephant in the room", but don't mention it. Hear no issue, see no issue, there is no issue???

So many relationships in multiple generations have been affected by this kind of behavior. How much love for each other is being lost? We need to capture that love. We are love starved. Our population is becoming detached globally. It is happening all around us with the artificial social media world as well as lack of face to face communication. There is so much room for misunderstanding when we text and post. We are seeing behavior coming out in violent ways. We all have traumas and we need to heal these. Know that it is OK to be vulnerable, in fact, that is where our power lies.

With that in mind, I enrolled in a certification course to assist and help guide people on & through their own trauma recovery. The journey through it to the other side is well worth it. Creative endeavors and heart based resources can and do help us release and heal with an easier/softer way.

My message is that we need to know, as Faith James likes to say, that we know, like we know, like we know.....that We Matter, everyone single last one of us. Let's treat ourselves and others as the precious beings that we were created to be.

At Wellness Matters, You Matter LLC. I am doing just that. Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog and I promise to bring you more interesting & exciting material in the future.

Please know that ......... You Matter

~ Barbara

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