I am Barbara Drtina & I am so happy to connect with you. Here is a little about me . . .

My original background is in Early Childhood Behavior with graduate hours in                                                                  gifted education. I have

 always been about expansion and growing yourself. I love to start with the                                                                       children, they are so fresh and open.  All the limiting beliefs that they get exposed to from parents,                                                                           grandparents, teachers, coaches etc. starts to make them small. You know what I am talking about.                                                                        We become limited!


Then one day my life took a sudden turn and became a life that I never expected. One of my daughters committed suicide Erin was very conflicted and was a challenging child.  Out of the mold.! She was brilliant and beautiful and I now believe that she was intuitive and maybe even an empath.  But after a drawn out high conflict divorce, at 15 Erin took her life.  All my beliefs changed. My spiritual life, my purpose in life and the subsequent journey of healing changed me forever.


Here is the thing.  I knew I was supposed to do something with this unexpected event to help others in the same circumstance. I had felt so alone and isolated. I knew I wanted to be a speaker on "High Conflict Divorce and what it does to Children" along with related topics, but I didn't know how to bring it forth.


And then last year I learned about Intuitive Intelligence. I knew immediately that this was the vehicle for me to do this work. As I researched it, I knew I was in alignment with the principles and an easier softer way of healing trauma. You see, I am a survivor and I know that talking about the traumas and life events could go on forever.  Our conscious mind is trying to do the work that the subconscious mind needs to do.  I now feel that I wasn't ready to pursue this practice until now when the Science has proven that this is a viable and permanent way to clear our traumas and be FREE!


I am so excited to bring this to you. So what is Intuitive Intelligence?  Intuitive Intelligence is the intersection between 5 major fields: psychology, neuroscience, quantum physics and ancient wisdom traditions.  It gives us a way to heal any state of being and heal on multiple levels and dimensions.


The reason I named my business:  Wellness Matters, You Matter is because of an integration.  I represent Natural products that activate your body, yet I know that our Emotional Wellbeing affects our physical health as well.  So, how could I integrate both components?  The name finally came to me around the same time I was delving into Brene Brown's work around shame, vulnerability and worth. We are one body and spirit.  Wellness needs to address both.


In today's world and with the suicide rates going up, I want to elevate people and to know let people know that we ALL matter.  The judgement and rejection following divorce and suicide was an isolating time for me and others.  Often loving support is not there for us. I want to use my story for a greater good and use my experience to help others through their life journey.


One more thing.  Many of my friends have lost a child.  My latest friend lost her son in a car accident in Jamaica.  He was 37.  She did an amazing thing!  She used her talents for Vision Boarding to create a Legacy Board for her son.  A light bulb went off for me. This is a healing tool for Grief, Trauma, A New Normal,  Life after Illness  etc.  So you will see a tab for this sector of my business.  Hosting Life Board Workshops. 


That about wraps it up..... I hope you have a little insight as to why I can do this work and why it is my passion.  If no one told you today.  I hope that you know that "YOU MATTER"

Wellness Matters, You Matter LLC    904-655-5754

Barbara Drtina, Trauma Recovery & Holistic Wellness 


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