Are You Ready?

Are you ready to change your story and move past traumatic events in your life and be free? If so, let's do it together!  I can show you how you too can move past these life events.  This is your opportunity, to walk through the blocks holding you back in life and create a New You, A New Normal and enjoy life.

Wellness Is often thought of as just our physical body.  However,  wellness encompasses all of us. It includes our thoughts as well as our emotions. While working within the health sector of natural healing,  I became aware of the emotional aspects affecting our health and healing. It is not just about physical symptoms.

As a person in Trauma Recovery myself, I have spent years working through my own traumas.  We never know in what ways it is impacting our physical health, our relationships & our personal success.  Over 70%  (100% as Deepak Chopra states) of our Global Population is affected by some sort of trauma.  Have you dealt with yours?

I was so happy when I found the process of Intuitive Intelligence. I knew this could be a resource for me and it can be for you too. I became certified in Intuitive Intelligence and now use these resources to help others on their journey of trauma recovery. I am excited to add this to my practice of Natural Alternative products that Biohack our bodies for Wellness.

We are body, mind & spirit and as we work on our physical health and wellness lifestyle, we also need to clear and heal our mental and emotional blocks.  It is well known that our thoughts and feelings impact our physical well being.

​As I began to study Dr. Brene Brown's work an Eureka moment came to me.  This is when the pieces  of the puzzle all came together.  We Belong, We Matter.  Brene said, "First we BELONG to ourselves" Who knew? 


How many people in today's world do not feel that they matter? We have to know that we belong and that we matter to do what we came here to do.  Some of the first words I read, I will never forget ~ WE BELONG TO OURSELF 1st!  Who knew? I always put everyone else first or what I imagined they thought. I even became what they wanted me to be to stay in relationship with them!  How many of us do that? Just knowing this one phrase allowed me to shift  and bring forth all that I am.  It is a litmus test for me.  I ask myself, does this belong with who I am, if I am being my authentic self?  One little secret, it takes courage.

In today's world of selfies, comparing outsides to insides on social media, bullying and the increase in suicide rates we all need to know that "We Matter"   Brene Brown's work on shaming and vulnerability has impacted the world.  Check out her "Ted Talk" and her "Super Soul Sunday with Oprah"  I joyously say to you, "You Matter" .  If you are ready, let's work on removing trauma blocks hidden in your subconscious  mind and hidden in the cells of your body.  Be Free To Be...........

That's why Wellness Matters, You Matter is a total body program with various Wellness choices.

My Mission

To help address our emotional well being alongside our physical well being so we can live a healthier/happier life  and to know with all your heart that you matter. As Oprah says, " Your job is not to be perfect, your job is to make yourself Whole." 

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Barbara Drtina, Trauma Recovery & Holistic Wellness

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